Company overview

ILS-CO International Logistics Service Joint Stock Company (ILS-CO., JSC) is a known as a company operating in the field of logistics, international transport, customs consultancy service, ware housing service.ILS-CO  alwaysremains faithful to the motto of transporting goods in the world a quickly, effectively, conveniently and economically. Our target to serve the customers the fast freight, ontime, correct processes, bring the best quality of services to help customers better focus on the production and trading. The satisfaction of customers of our ervices are provided by ILS that is the biggest success of our company. 


With the advantage in geographical location, Vietnam has a long border, many gates, many major seapot with a long coastline. Besides, with stable politics, Vietnam has attracted many foreign investors. This a huge opportunity to ILS  with wisdom, experience and vision to become one of the leading company in Vietnam in the field of logistics. International freight multimodal, customs consultancy service, warehousing service.
Become a trusted partner of foreign companies wishing to cooperate, development services in Vietnam, bring more material values, spiritual values to the entire staffs for them deication giving customer satisfaction, that the most important goal of ILS.


ILS strives to become prestigious company, international brand on the world of supply chain, multimodal transportation, warehousing services, customs consultancy.


Core value for a successful enterprisesis to the develop human resources. Therefore, our mission is always to improve the quality and professionalism of ours services.


ILS-CO Profile

ILS-CO International Logistics Service Joint Stock Company is certificated Certificate Enterprise Registration No. 0107450555 by Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment at May 27, 2016.
Transaction name in English: ILS-CO International Logistic Service Joint Stock Company (ILS-CO., JSC)
Address: 112 Tran Tu Binh, Nghia Tan Ward, CauGiay District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
Legal representative: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nguyen. Position: General Director
The main business lines:

- Activities directly support services for railway transportation and road transportation.
- Activities directly support services for water transportation.
- Cargo handling.
- Activities of other services related to transportation.

Organization structure